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Connecting a Lindr beer dispenser to a gas bottle

October 1, 2020
October 6, 2020

Setting up a Lindr machine on CO2

A basic diagram showing how to setup a Lindr dispenser when using a gas bottle. This would be the preferred method when using steel (Standard kegs) for more than 48hours. The machines can be run for short term use on standard kegs for events etc, but the beer will go flat when not using gas.

When using an external gas bottle the shelf life is drastically increased.

Its ok to use the built in air compressor when the keg has a bag inside and compressed air doesnt come in to contact with the liquid inside (Keykeg/Polykegs).

It would also be adviable to fit a secondary gas regulator after the main CO2 valve as a safety precaution.

Connect a Lindr dispenser to CO2
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