Beer Line Cleaning

We now offer a line clean service which can not only save you money, but also gives you the peace of mind that your equipment is at the correct standard to ensure your draught brands are dispensed as the brewer intended.

The chemicals used, all supplied by Morepour, can reduce your line cleaning costs by allowing a fortnightly clean rather than weekly. This saves money on wastage, meaning increased profits for you, and also helps the environment by using less water and less gas.

Alongside the line clean, we will also provide a full preventative maintenance check on every visit to include cleaning and topping up of your coolers, checking all gas equipment for leaks and ensure all gas pressures are correct. Our technicians will also strip down and clean all connections and taps to ensure all bio film is removed.

You will receive a report after each visit to keep a record of your service history, and to advise of any recommendations to keep you pouring the perfect pint, every time.

We offer 2 pricing structures to fit around you, with a view of minimising downtime and maximising sales.

Prices below (all chemicals included):
Line clean performed 06:00 - 12.00
Line clean performed 12:00 - 18.00
First 10 taps £95 + VAT
First 10 taps £80 + VAT
Each additional £15 + VAT
Each additional £10 + VAT

How to clean keg draught beer lines step by step

  1. Remove each of the connectors from each keg and connect to the cleaning sockets on the wall. For best cleaning results switch off any of the beer coolers.
  2. Make sure that each gas line that is usually switched on and running in to the keg is turned off (switches that are running the gas pump (black boxes) can be left on). If any of the gas lines to the kegs are left on the floats in the cellar buoys (glass bottles) will keep falling and you will have to keep filling them back up again.
  3. Fill up your beer line cleaning bottle with water and mix in the correct amount of beer line cleaner. Different brands of beer line cleaner have different dilution ratios... so better check on the back of the bottle first.
  4. Switch on the gas valve to the pump that is connected to the line cleaning bottle.
  5. Open each of the beer taps and pull through all of the beer in the line until you reach the beer line cleaner. Once you are at the line cleaner pull at least 2 pints through and allow it to soak for at least 20 minutes.
  6. Draw through at least another 2 pints of beer line cleaner through and let it soak for another 10 minutes, then repeat this process until line cleaner is coming through clear.. Or purple if you are using a beer line cleaner that changes colour.
  7. Rinse out line cleaning bottle to make sure there are no more of the cleaning chemicals in it and flush out the tap with clean water. Make sure that you pull plenty of water through each tap
  8. Reconnect each beer line to the correct kegs and turn back on the gas that you switched off. Don’t forget to turn off the gas valve to the line cleaning pump.
  9. Open the beer taps and pull through all of the water until you are back to beer again.

How to clean real ale beer pipes step by step

  1. Turn off product at cask tap and disconnect product that you are going to clean.
  2. Place the pipe into a bucket filled with fresh cool water
  3. Pull the beer through at the pump in the bar until you are through to fresh water.
  4. Now fill the bucket with line cleaning solution to the dilution ratios on the back of the bottle.
  5. In the bar pull the water through until you get the line cleaner through. Pull a further 5 pints of beer line cleaner and allow to soak for at least 20 minutes.
  6. Pull through another 5 pints of beer line cleaner and allow to soak for another 10 minutes.
  7. Pull another 5 pints of beer line cleaner through. Now return to the cellar and refill the bucket with fresh water. Make sure all traces of beer line cleaning solution are flushed away.
  8. Pull through all of the remaining chemicals until you are back to water. Then pull at least another 20 pints of water through the lines.
  9. Reconnect to the product that you are going to serve and pull through in the bar.